Trial / Show General Information

Below is our tentative schedule. Please keep in mind that inclement weather will have a vote regarding which day we conduct each event. We will do all we can to post any changes in advance but please be flexible when scheduling your weekend travel plans.

Friday (8 DEC): AD
Saturday (9 DEC): IPG Phases / Breed Survey / Raffle
Sunday (10 DEC): Breeding Evaluation (Show)

Important Trial Info:
- We will have limited spots available for IGP registrations because of our packed schedule and shorter days. Please contact Christopher Lee directly to secure your spot!
- I will have a standby list as well in the event handlers drop from the event prior to the deadline.
- We do offer refunds because we understand things change; however, if a handler drops from the event after the deadline, we will not offer a refund unless I can fill the spot with a handler from the standby list.

A few additional notes:
- We have a climate controlled 40' x 80' club house with a small kitchen
   area and an indoor restroom.
- We plan to have a food available for Saturday and Sunday at no set
   charge. However, donations are welcomed.
- We have a raffle each trial and we plan to conduct one on Saturday.
  Tickets will be available beginning Friday. If however, we have a high
   volume of entries for the Breeding Evaluation, we may conduct the raffle
   on Sunday or do a raffle on Saturday and Sunday, TBD.
- Field layout and limited hotel information is located on our cover page.

Registration Links are posted!

Calling all Handlers!
- If you are interested in handling for our Breeding Evaluation (Show), please contact Christopher Lee directly at 334-379-9317. Thank you!