Trial Information

Please review the timeline, notes and diagrams below. Feel free to reach out directly to Christopher Lee if you have any questions, comments, concerns.  

Planned Timeline:

11:30 - Judge Arrives (Mike Caputo)
11:40 - Administer BH Exam (Amanda)
12:00 - Handlers meeting for the BH
1:00 - BH Traffic (Earlier if able)
1:15 - No later than arrival time at the club for those doing the AD.
        - We will depart as soon as the traffic portion is complete.
2:15 - AD begins at Weakley Park (4674 Sango Rd., Clarksville, TN 37043)
Note: We will meet at the club house and drive to the location.  I expect the Judge to have all of you bring your dogs, all at once, to have your Chips read and to check temperament in the process.
4:45 - Complete with AD
           - Depart for club house to complete Scorebooks.

6:30 - Handler Meeting for IGP 1s at the Club house
7:45 - All IGP 2 and 3 Competitors arrive at the YMCA in Springfield, TN. (See Diagram Below)
- Note, for all handlers tracking, I expect the Judge to have all of you (at your respective tracking location) bring your dogs, all at once, to have your Chips read and to check temperament in the process.
- Note, there is a restroom facility inside the YMCA only
- Note, there will be a draw at each location to determine tracks

10:00 - Tentative Start for Obedience
- Note: this time is event driven and for planning only.
12:15 - BH traffic portion
12:45 - Lunch

1:45 - Handler meeting for protection
- Note, this time is event driven and for planning only
4:20 - Complete with events
4:30 - Paperwork (Books, Certs) - Dinner meal - Raffle

Important Notes for Guests and Handlers:

- Practice: See the practice schedule below. Please contact Christopher Lee (334)379-9317 to sign up for a block. 

- Parking: Please be courteous to all handlers. If you have dogs that will bark continuously at people and other dogs; DO NOT park them facing the tracking field. If you are not handling, please yield to those that are, parking is limited.

- Handler show times: Please arrive appropriately so you can relieve your dogs, prep yourselves and be ready to start on time.

- Trial Questions: If you have questions regarding the routines or etiquette, please feel free to reach out to our club members. However, the Judge should be your primary source of routine questions during the handler meetings.  Hence, if  you have any, please be prepared to ask them. I recommend everyone review the USCA rulebook so you are all prepared.

- Facility:
   - This is our home so we ask that you pick up after your dogs and yourselves.
   - There will be a black trash can for dog waste with poop bags available if needed.
   - Our club house is climate controlled with a restroom and small kitchen area.
   - Please observe and adhere to posted signs

- Food/Drink: There will food and drinks available Friday and Saturday. There is NO charge for meals; however, Donations are welcome.

- Raffle/Sale: There will be training items for sale and items for a raffle. The raffle will be held Saturday after the trial is complete. Tickets will be available beginning Friday.

- Etiquette: We ask everyone to be courteous of those trailing on the field.
   - Keep away from and off of the block wall.
   - Avoid slamming doors facing the trail field.
   - Don’t be disruptive while handlers are on the field.
   - Be respective during the Judges critique.

Registration is closed. I will accept last minute entries for the AD only. Please contact Christopher Lee if you are interested.

Event Diagrams

- There are additional diagrams on the Home page.
- Contact Christopher Lee (334)379-9317 to sign up for practice times

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