Club Trial (14-15 MAY, 2022)
Judge: Trevor Elcock
Helper: Eric Davis IPG1, IGP2, Front Half IGP3
Christopher Lee, Back Half IGP3
Track Layer: Eric Davis
BH-VH, IGP 1-3, FPr 1-3, UPr 1-3, GPr 1-3
- The field will be available for practice beginning 11 MAY 22
- IPG1 Tracking will be at the club trial location
-IPG2&3 Tracking will be offsite (approx. 20 min. from Trial field)
- We will hold a raffle at the end of the trial
- We will have lunch at the club house following the trail (donations welcome)
- The weather is forecast to be in the mid to high 80's so it is recommended to bring a vehicle shade for your dog(s). We have a bathroom on site, water and a climate controlled building. Due to the temps we will also have a plastic pool to cool the dogs if desired.
- Tracking will begin at 6:00 am on the 14th at the trial address.
- No spectators for tracking at either location due to parking
- Spectators ARE welcome for all BH and IGP routines (less tracking)

4262 Turnersville Rd.

Cedar Hill, TN 37032