AD, Club Trial, Breeding Evaluation (Show) & Breed Survey
Judge: Karen MacIntyre
Helper: Christopher Lee 
Track Layer: Christopher lee
BH, AD, IGP 1-3, FPr 1-3 (TR) , UPr 1-3 (OB),
GPr 1-3 (APr), Show Rating, Breed Survey

Tentative Event Timeline
Friday 14 APR - ADs
Saturday 15 APR - IGP Phases & Breed Survey
Sunday 16 APR - Breeding Evaluation (Show)

Local Hotels
Hampton Inn, 620 E 22nd Ave, Springfield, TN
(Approximate 20 min. drive)
Quality Inn, 2741 York Rd., Pleasant View, TN
(Approximate 15 min. drive)
Nashville Days Inn, 201 Gifford Pl, Joelton, TN
(Approximate 23 min. drive)
La Quinta, 251 Holiday Dr, Clarksville, TN
(Approximate 24 min. drive)

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4262 Turnersville Rd.
Cedar Hill, TN 37032

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